Comment by Migration Matters on latest net migration figures (22/05/14)

Responding to the latest immigration figures (22/05/14), Barbara Roche, chair of the Migration Matters Trust commented,

“Immigration is rising because the economy is growing. Without migrants to plug skills gaps, businesses would struggle to grow and the recovery would be put at risk.

Let’s not forget that we currently have over 600,000 unfilled jobs in the British economy, the highest level since before the recession.

Any precipitate action to choke off migration would hit businesses that are looking to consolidate and expand after many tough years, and ultimately, would increase insecurity for the millions of British workers in these firms."


Briefing: Analysis of evidence on potential migration from Bulgaria and Romania

There have been a range of predictions on the potential migration from Bulgaria and Romania when transitional controls are ended at the start of 2014. The attached briefing sets out a review of the claims, an analysis of the evidence and a projection of the likely levels of migration.