Comment by Migration Matters on Sir Andrew Green's peerage

Atul Hatwal, Director of the Migration Matters Trust, commenting on reports of a peerage for the chair of Migration Watch, Sir Andrew Green, said,

"Migration Watch is an organisation that has had its reports castigated as "sloppy," "wrong," and "based on guess-work" by academics at University College London.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail recently had to print corrections to stories based on Migration Watch reports after a ruling by the Press Complaints Commission.

And when David Cameron rehashed Migration Watch's line on jobs and immigration, earlier this year, the UK Statistics Authority rebuked the PM, flatly contradicting his claims while the Press Complaints Commission said he had 'significantly misrepresented' the facts.

Presumably, Andrew Green's peerage is for services to fiction"


Briefing: Analysis of evidence on potential migration from Bulgaria and Romania

There have been a range of predictions on the potential migration from Bulgaria and Romania when transitional controls are ended at the start of 2014. The attached briefing sets out a review of the claims, an analysis of the evidence and a projection of the likely levels of migration.