Migration Matters comment on new net migration figures (21/05/15)

Barbara Roche, chair of the Migration Matters Trust commented,

"Today's figures expose the gap between the political parties' rhetoric and reality.

For all of the tough talk, immigration is more than three times the government's target.

The reason is simple.

Immigration is rising because our economy is expanding. We have the best part of 1m vacancies in the British economy and Britain's businesses are desperate for skilled labour. Without migrants' skills, orders will go unfulfilled, businesses will suffer, the economy will stall and British jobs will be at risk.

The big political parties need to be brave enough to be straight about this, with the British people.

Britain needs immigration, immigration is broadly good for the country, that's why its rising. It would be rising under a government of any stripe.

Until this case is made, the public will justifiably continue to mistrust whatever politicians' say about immigration."